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Laurel Erickson

Physical Therapy Patient

Many thanks for your wonderful help and advice regarding my knee following knee replacement. Refreshing your memory, I was unable to properly straighten my leg and had tried all sorts of regular exercises and physical therapy. I was beginning to get muscle pain in my hip as a result of favoring and limping.

Your suggesting a splint for my leg has been a miracle. A clinic in Tucson fashioned a fiberglass splint which I have been sleeping in for 8 hours a night since June 1. I have miraculous improvement. My gait is nearly normal although I still have a little ways to go. I have gone from a 12 degree bend in the knee down to a 5 degree bend! You were right, Dr. Steve! This is working! The pain in my hip is gone!

My orthopedist ordered this on your advice and it is truly a miracle how much I have improved. God bless you and your staff for your wonderful suggestion and help. I will continue to sleep in the splint until we get the knee down to 0.

I hope your Vitality Clinic continues to prosper. You have surely changed my life in a positive direction!

Berry Heely

Work Related Injury

I had an accident which caused me a great deal of pain and not to mention the amount of work I would be missing. Dr. Hinkle and his great staff had the expertise and placed me on the road to recovery.

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